Thursday, April 8, 2010

WaT a DaY!! =D

fuuuuhhhhh... wat a day!! keke..
ari nih bangun pagi terus bukak laptop tgk fesbuk..
tp skang dah x addicted cam dulu.. skang nih bese2 sudey..
mls dah nak men2 game tuh yg kejenye mencuri hasil org je..
wakakaka.. dulu mmg addicted gler but facebook is still a book..
once we done exploring it, we get bored easily.. hrmmm.. btoi kaaa??
x kesah la.. ari nih ade discussion pasal software..
1 sem dah nih, x abes2 lagi.. bese ah.. last minit punye keje..
i like..

pe lagi nak cite pom dah x tau..
ahhhh... mggu nih mmg hectic dgn kena ator sume assignments..
wooooohoooo.. and thank GOD i team up with a great team mates..
thanks to ma frens who work EXTRA hard on the assignments..
kudos to them..

Dyla Delliecad and Shafiqah Rashid = Assembly language assigments.. (bersyukur aku ade dorg)

Nabila Shukeri Scott, Zuzue Zuraifazni Scott, Midori Hibi aka Dalila Abdullah = Programming II project (thanks a lot although im not contributing much.. T_T)

all left are statistic and software requirement.. hrmmm.. still copying others answers..
hohoho.. mmg KURANG PANDAI btoi ah aku nih.. pe nak jadi pom x tau la.. yg aku tau janji ato assignments.. T_T.. dunno whether i can change this behaviour or not.. i know it's a BAD ATTITUDE but im still doin it for my own sake.. should i call myself a LOSER?? a bit i think.. wakakaka..

today, my NOT-VERY-INTERESTING life goin on well i think.. just terperap lam bilik tdo and online.. huhu.. and listening to my roomate complaining bout uspot and her unfinished report.. wakaka.. goin to my company(palapes) meeting and discussing bout the annual dinner.. hohoho.. aku wase lam 1 taun aku junior bape banyak dah dinner aku pegi.. adoiii.. and not to forget the THEME is RED!! wohoho.. aku igt aku ade beli 1 baju warna merah kat jusco.. FORCED to buy it by my friends.. but my confident level drop down when i wore it.. what should i do?? although it's definitely not too revealing but i think maybe it's not the TIME yet?? haha.. need to increase my self-esteem la lepas nih..

yeah.. im sure an OUTDATED person on fashion.. dunno anything bout it and doesnt even care bout it.. although my friends kutuk-ing my style of fashion, i dunno how to change.. keke.. OTTOKE?? me is who i am.. a bit sad but still kena amek menda tuh dari sudut yg positif..

sebenarnya skang nih a bit sad since everything seems to fall apart..
dunno how to xplain since im not a person that know how to xpress her feeling..
to me, nangis gler2 kuar darah not goin to change things..
although a bit sad my kamera fell into the water but still i wont cry..
why?? bcos i think by crying it wont fix my kamera and we cant go back to the past..
wahahahaha.. CKINOZA MIYOMI need to be strong!! keke..
waiting for my allowance to get it fix.. nak beki barang lagi..
ohoho.. duit oh duit.. alangkah best nye kalo ko jatuh dari langit.. kekke

k ah.. ckop ah tuh membebel ari nih.. nak siapkan keje..
sok kalo x siap, kena marah.. kot kot la..
sampai kite berjumpa lagi..

adios amigos n amigas!!!!!!!!!
=) XOXO ckinoza miyomi


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